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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Happy Birthday to me

Firstly I'd like to thank you for all the comments left yesterday. It's early days and I'm sure he will be ok but it's still heartbreaking to watch. DD has been an absolute star and she does have that comedic side to her that shines through in a drama.

I have to write that as she reads this blog ;)

Well today's my Birthday and I thought I'd show you what I got.

Some roses (watering can roses with the cans of course) one for the garden and one for the allotment. You just can't have enough watering cans 

A strange man in a dressing gown   Chocolate


and more flowers.

I'm not really a BD kinda person and I hate all the commercial spending on them. I've wanted some watering cans for months and they were on my wish list so two boys bought me a can each and one of the boys bought me chocolate.

The flowers were on yellow label last night for a few pennies so not too much of an indulgence and I have a cake in the fridge.

Besides we have and anniversary to celebrate on Tuesday ;)

I'd also like to thank everyone for the comments on their food allergies or what causes their flare ups with certain things they eat. I'm starting off cutting out caffeine all together as I drink far too much and it costs far too much money. I always drink very strong cafetiere coffee, mine holds 12 cups and hubby only has one........I think I could possibly be an addict lol. So while I'm a little off with my back and trying to come off my pain killers I thought now was a good time to stop as I'm having very little human contact so I can't offend anyone with my mardy withdrawal symptoms..........only you lot lol x

Besides cutting out coffee will save me £10.89 a month!

Bye bye my favourite coffee ever and hello headaches!

Bye for now my lovelies

PiC x


  1. Happy Birthday. Thank goodness its only coffee your giving and not choc else you would have to share them celebrations out. I would willingly take them off your hands...cos I'm kind like that. Have a lovely day xx

  2. Happy birthday. I love metal watering cans, so much nicer than plastic ones in my opinion.

  3. A very happy birthday me dear......well if your cutting out the coffee I guess that means I'm required to cut out something mmmm goodbye Walkers ready salted crisps then...bugger!

  4. Happy birthday, I gave up coffee and cigarettes about 5 years ago and have never looked back. The trick is to not replace it with something else, just drink plenty of water. Some wonderful presents, I am a great fan of the metal watering can, funnily enough that is one of the presents my husband got for his birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday! Love the Very shiny watering cans, you can never have enough watering cans and buckets is what we say.

  6. Happy Birthday to you.... xx

    Fab watering cans, my hubby is sooo jealous, he loves agood can with a proper sprinkle!

    Dont envy you the caffine less headaches....been there. I do have 2 small cups most days but never after 4pm or I wouldnt sleep at all.

    Put your feet up this evening and eat chocolate, enjoy the rest of your birthday.
    Love Karen xxx

  7. Happy birthday to you as well birthday twin : ) .I was trying to put my pics of my presents up,but blogger wont let me.So i will try tomorrow.

    Lisa xxx

  8. I should have come earlier - now your birthday is already over. Happy birthday anyway! Nice watering cans, and hooray for chocolate!

  9. Love the watering cans, I am not a fan of chocolates or mini bars, if I have chocolate it is a dark dark cocoa rich bar or a bar of whole nut milk chocolate. I hope you had a good day, I had no internet from Saturday night to this morning, sorry I missed "the day"

  10. Many happy returns for yesterday. Nice cans :) Hope you had something delicious for your supper.
    And if you're fixing for a treat for your anniversary I can recommend the £10.00 Champagne from Lidl. It has a great flavour, I'd put it above Moet & Chandon anytime.

    Jean x

    Jean x

  11. A late Happy Birthday to you....
    Looks like you had a great day. Fab presents x

  12. Happy Birthday to you !!! xx

  13. Happy Birthday to you! Love the watering cans! It was my birthday last week and No2 son (a gardener!) bought me a PINK wheelbarrow!! I love it!! Have fun XX

  14. Awww .... I missed your birthday!!

    I hope you had a very happy one.

    What lovely gifts you got, and you're right a girl can never have too many watering cans ;-)