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Friday, 11 July 2014

Stuck snail

I've allowed myself an hour and an hour only on the allotment today as I have so much housework to do so I will be playing Cinders for the rest of the day. Blahhhhhhhh

My beans are finally climbing up my poles

My seed onions are coming on nicely, they were fiddly but at 35p a packet of seeds they were cheaper than buying sets.

My firing squad cabbages seem to be pulling back to health (flea beetle attack)

My set onions are doing well, I haven't done my half hour hoeing at this point but I did some after taking  the pictures, honest Guv!

My carrots, I can't forget to get a picture of these for Chickpea ;)

These are my third try at cabbages and I'm leaving them in the pots until I get round to sorting the bed out. We still haven't had much rain here and the ground is rock solid so I will wait until I can get a fork in the ground without standing on it like a pogo stick.

My lettuce and spinach are doing well I will be using this over the weekend hopefully and Cynthia the racking is the old base of DGDs bed lol 

Peas are doing rubbish

Sweetcorn is taking forever, next door who hasn't weeded round his sweetcorn has plants twice the size of mine, maybe I faff too much?

I think my pumpkins may be courgettes lol

They have gone passed the size of courgettes and are heading to marrow size now

Look at the weird one at the top, I don't know what happened there.

Maybe these are the pumpkins 

I was given a pack of seeds and they were all mixed up. Surprise Surprise Cilla ere

I still don't know what the bush is, there haven't been many folks down the plot lately to ask

Hubby is collecting bricks to do a brick path.

The bonfire pile never seems to go down

The trampoline is growing well ;)  ..........I'm going to dismantle and use the bars as hoops to put netting over, well that's the plan anyway.

My toms are coming on really well and my Comfrey stew was ready so I popped it in the watering can and a head popped out the spout

I couldn't get the little sod to get out, he was enjoying the view from above so much he wouldn't climb onto the bottle

Still not interested

Eventually he got out onto some old tiles in scrap heap corner

My lonely courgette is taking over the greenhouse.

No cucumbers yet, next year I'm going to put a couple in the poly-tunnel.

I have more ripened blackcurrants, I can't believe it I was only there picking yesterday.

I can't even see any paths in the fruit section of the lotty

Raspberries are finished as quick as a flash aren't they? One day your picking bucketfuls and have a jam factory chugging away in the kitchen and a couple of days later they look shriveled and old, who am I calling shriveled and old though eh? lol 

The rescued fanned apple tree

All the apples have this black spotting all over, any ideas? 

The other apple tree is doing well, I thought of Karens daughter while taking a picture of the apple trees x

And finally on the pears are small but look in better health since DH cut the brambles back.

Sorry for boring you on my allotment update, now I must get off and do some housework as I have a busy Jumbling weekend

PiC x


  1. Don't worry -- I never tire of your garden updates. We're having rain showers here. That's why I am inside reading blogs instead of puttering around the garden, being eaten by mosquitoes. They are ferocious this year, even in the daytime.

    1. You be careful of those mozzies, one bite and I swell like a beach ball. I hope you get some gardening done, I keep having a blog break in between cleaning x

  2. Replies
    1. Do feel free to pop over and give a hand x

  3. Thank you for the carrot photos, they look about ready to try lol awwww go on, you know you want to. xx

  4. Goodness such a huge plot and with so much variety and abundance ��

  5. Its all looking very good your hard work and lots of effort are really starting to pay off, all that lovely fresh veg...yum!

    Our study centre Apple Day is at the end of September, you should come over, Loubi will be giving demos on cider making, with free tastings and fresh apple juice to drink. I will be on refreshments as usual with lots of appley cakes :-) xx

  6. The crops are looking great on the lottie well done, you must be really proud I know I would be :-)

  7. We could do with some weeding here, but the blinkin' weather keeps drizzling on us.

  8. I'm surprised you had time to do any house work at all with all you have going on at the allotment!

  9. I did 4 hours on my plot today - 2 of them picking a large jute shopping bag full of blackcurrants plus the last raspberries, the first Victoria plums, spuds, spinach, salad, 2 courgettes and a cucumber :). Went home at 11.30 exhausted!

  10. Housework will wait til Winter .... enjoy the lottie while you can. Dust bunnies make great pets you know, they eat so little and grow so fast ;-)