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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Finally some Sunshine

Excuse the mess but can you see the two Sun worshipers? 

I think they've missed the Sun almost as much as I have. As you can see I've given up cleaning the muddy paw prints off the Kitchen window.

The last two weeks I've been try my best to list as much on Ebay as I can and so far I've made £500 which has gone away into my Bank account to cover all my yearly one off bills. 

I always try and pay my Bills for the year so I don't pay extra, especially with my Car Insurance and Road Tax.........It saves money in the long run but it comes round quick when your on the bones of your backside.

Now Ebay doesn't seem to be commanding the same prices as it used to but even if it's a £1 I make it's a £1 I didn't have and it does add up in the end but I'm just having to work 10 times harder than I did a few years ago.

My Bank account is a Credit Union account which means I physically have to walk to the place to take the dosh out. Our Local Credit Union has move inside the City Council offices so it's even more of a pain to get to but an even better deterrent than "Just" popping to the Cash Point.

How do you stop yourself taking money out?

PiC x 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Allergic to Vitamin D tablets in the UK.

This is not a medical post but just about my struggles with Vitamin D levels.

 In the Summer I had really low Vitamin D levels even though I'm out in the sunlight walking the dogs and get outside as much a possible I couldn't seem to get my Levels above 32 (different tests have different ranges)

Now I already suffer from B12 deficiency (which I have injections for) as well and having so many problems with my Spine meant I've been feeling absolutely rubbish.

The Dr decided as I couldn't get my levels up he would prescribe me some Vitamin D3 tablets. 

From now on it's pretty much a guessing game........

I started to take these D3 tablets but every time I took one my tongue would start to itch and swell and my throat would start to close and I would have to take some anti histamines. I went to the Chemist and told him I was allergic to  shellfish but not fish so could this be the problem and we went through the different tablets and found one that didn't contain any shellfish source. 

I took a couple of these and the same thing happened so I went to see the practice Nurse who referred  me to the allergy clinic. There I had some bloods taken and they told me I was allergic to shellfood (I knew this already jeez). I told them I struggled taking different tablets in the past and that I'm very sensitive to chemicals but they didn't seem very interested and said I had to take two anti histamines a day and carry on with Vit D. This confused me as they had infront of them I'm allergic to shellfood??? 

I then had to go back to the Chemist and told him what had happened so he said ask the Dr to prescribe me liquid. I'm also allergic to Lanolin (sheep sweat) and this can be used in loads of things so maybe liquid was the way.

The Practice Nurse went round to see the Chemist herself as all the tooing and froing has taken nearly a year. 

The end result being I'm now on Junior Dlux 400 which is a childs Vitamin D supplement spray and touch wood I've been OK and I'm on day three.

I'm still non the wiser as to if it was shellfood, chemical, Lanolin or something else I keep reacting to but I have had several reactions to things through my own stupidity. I had a Childs yogurt and didn't read that it had added vitamin D on the side and I've also had some pure orange juice and that also had added Vit D..........

Hopefully if your feeling a little run down a pop to the Chemist for a pot of Vit D will help you feel the world better and if you end up with a tongue like a swollen flip flop I may have saved you wasting a year to get sorted!!

PiC x

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Text alert from my Bank saying insufficient funds!

Picture courtesy of Google.

I've never had a text alert from my Bank before but last night ...........well 2.20am to be precise I had three!!!!

I don't know about you but my first thoughts when someone sends a text at that time in the morning is someone is dead/dying/in trouble etc because no normal Human being that I know would text me at that time in the flaming Morning.

This is the message I recieved (x3)

The card ending in **** was declined as there were not enough funds in the account. You can check your available balance by logging into MYBANK online.

So at precisely 2.21am I shot downstairs and ran into the kitchen to find one of the Dog's had crapped from one end of the kitchen to the other........great sloppy doings all across the room. I now had the option of doing a Crystal Maze style trek across the room to my Bank card or spend an hour clearing the mess up while panicking that my Bank had been emptied.

An hour of clearing up later and a double and tripple check of my Bank I found it wasn't even my Bank account as I don't have a card to my account.

There was no ring this number scam and I rang my Bank this morning to double check and they confirmed there were no cards issued on my account and that nothing untoward had happened so we can only asssume they have the wrong number for someone elses account.

Bloody worrying isn't it?

So today I'm hanging out of my ass tired and won't be doing a fat lot of anything!!!

PiC x

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

140 year old Yew tree and the jobsworth award.

Pictures from the Daily Mail.

This is a Village local to me which is renown for this beautiful Yew Hedge. The Hedge was planted in 1880 as part of the Burton estate and now belongs to 84 year old Mr Dawson.

Mr Dawson has recently been told to cut back this hedge as there have been complaints of it encroaching on the foot path.

This has been in our local papers for a while now and has been picked up by one of the main stream papers. 

I put this link as it had some better shots of the hedge rather than any preference to the paper

I drive through this Village quite often and it is amazingly beautiful and I wonder who it was that complained.

 My issue is however, if the Council can impose an order on an 84 year old Man to cut a Hedge which (IMO) should be preserved, why can't they impose orders on Motorists who park on the path and houses that let their normal hedges grow out of control on paths all across Britain.

Is this 84 year old Man an easy target?