Sunday, 19 October 2014

Right or wrong?

A few months ago there was a vacancy at one of our large chain supermarkets in the city. As you know supermarkets don't pay well enough for a lavish lifestyle but I knew that hundreds had applied. Several hundred to be precise.

Out of these few hundred people I knew a few people who had applied.

One 17 year old boy living at home with his parents but in full time education.

One 18 year old girl living with her parents who is trying to save up to live with her boyfriend.

One 52 year old male who has a disabled wife to care for but has been looking for a part time job to keep his sanity.

One 55 year old man with a wife who was made redundant two years ago and is limited to what jobs he can take as they have had to sell the car.

One single parent lady who's husband left her and she needs over the 16 hours to qualify for tax credits but is only working 15 hours at the moment.

And a retired man who has left the forces.

Several graduates who can't find a job in the area they have a degree in and just need any job.

I bumped into the "Winner of the job lottery" the other day and he was saying how his new job was OK and how it was something to do, that he didn't need the money as he got his lump sum from leaving the forces and he had a good pension along side his wife's full time wage. 

I hope he knows how lucky he is and I hate the way I'm sat here thinking who would be the most deserving person to have got the job.

How awful am I?

 These are difficult times we're in and up until the election we will be force fed facts on how well the country is doing and how well the Conservatives have turned things around. Not that I think any party is better than any other but I don't need to be told all is well when I only have to poke my nose out the front door into the real world to know it's not.

I will now step off my soap box 

PiC x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

How to stop your sheets coming off the bed and todays jumble finds

I don't know about you but I hate getting into bed for the fitted sheets to ping off the mattress, I know I could buy extra deep sheets but that would involve spending money when I already have perfectly good sheets. A friend of mine gave me the most fabulous tip about using men's braces under the mattress and clipping the sheet at the corners to stop them coming off and they  work like a charm.

I have given this tip out many times but braces can be expensive so I always pick a pair up if I see them at jumbles and these were only 30p, ideal for the next person who says they have pingy sheets.

I also bought a gardening book for 30p

and a Jamie Oliver flavour shaker for 30p, I don't know what I'm going to do with this but I will go and pop on the web for inspiration, I think it's just a posh version of a jam jar with a marble in myself but only time will tell. 

I also bought this picture, I don't know why as I don't really do pictures but it has something about it. I think it may be an oil painting but I will have to open the back to have a look.

I also managed to pick up a couple of new T shirts that were in my size so I'm really happy.

So my lovelies do you have pingy sheets?

PiC x

Friday, 17 October 2014

Our new foster cat Charlie

I've just got back from picking up Charlie from a fellow foster Mrs G. We don't know much about this fella but he looks quite old and a little worse for wear so he will be booked in for a vet check on Monday after he's had a good few meals inside him and a couple of good nights kip.

Hopefully he has been lost by his owners and they will claim him soon otherwise he will be up for rehoming as soon as we know he's fit and well.

Just a quick post today as I'm going to spend a bit of time with the new mogs.

PiC x

Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Polti steam cleaner and a little bit of good news as Twiggy finds her new home.

DH really is falling to bits, along with his other ailments he also suffers from Asthma and at the moment he has a chest infection and because he's allergic to Penicillin it will be a while before he gets over it.

So I have two choices, I could leave the cleaning until he's better (my preferred choice I may add) or I can get my Polti steam cleaner out of the cupboard as it uses pure water and steam so there are no harsh chemicals to aggravate hubbies chest . Here he is Paddy the Polti steam cleaner. I've had my Polti for about 8 years and I bought it second hand off Ebay for about £50. Now this machine has earned every penny as it really has it's work cut out in this house. I think you can now buy all sorts of cheaper and lighter products but I love Paddy we've been through a lot together!

The grime in the grooves of the shower screen. I have three boys who unlike most males live in the shower, the grime is what horror stories are made of.

See, yucky grime lol........... I thought I'd pop this picture on for those of you who live in cleanliness palace ;) 

We have a build up of yuk under the taps as well. Ok I have given the bathrooms a quick swish round with a cloth and some stardrops but it has been a while for a deep clean so it has built up more than normal.

After one squirt of steam you can see it breaking down the grime already.

Look what blew out from under the tap..............shhhh don't tell anyone

Ta dahhh clean

well, clean until the boys get home.

And in other News

Twiggy has found her new home!!!!! A lovely couple came to look at her on Tuesday and fell in love with her, so much so the lady has booked a long weekend off work so she can have lots of cuddles with her without having to leave to go to work. Twiggy has been one of our favourites as she was a real cuddle monkey so I'm sure they will be delighted with her.

And no more hiding in the loo Twiggy or Angel as you will now be known.

Have you had any good luck today my lovelies? or have you been a right old scrubber?