Friday, 19 September 2014

Leftover Kale and Quinoa stirfry healthy and cheap

I don't do many posts about what we eat as I always forget but on this occasion the camera was in the kitchen so I thought I would take a few pictures. 

I've had an open pack of Quinoa in the cupboard for a while and as I had half a bag of Kale left in the fridge I thought I'd do a stirfry. I used a third of a bag so 70p ish. I cooked it as I do my rice by adding water and bunging it in the microwave.

Diced onion and a drizzle of olive oil .... onions were allotment grown and the oil a couple of pence.

Some left over mushrooms, these were 20p yellow sticker mushrooms .........10p as half a tub was used.

Kale was a yellow sticker bargain at 10p.......5p for the half a bag

When the onions were half cooked I chucked in the kale and mushrooms.

When the Kale and mushrooms were cooked I chucked in some frozen peas and sweetcorn.....guestimate of 10p worth.

Ta dahhh, yes I know I'm using the football bowl again as all the other bowls I have are black and make everything look dark in the pictures.

A meal for three for under around a pound. Bargain.

This was a cheap, tasty and extremely healthy meal which took minutes to cook and great for using any kinds of leftovers. I'm trying to use Quinoa in more recipes so please let me know what you use it for.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Good luck Scotland

Good luck Scotland.

I'm not informed enough and neither do I have a crystal ball but to all of you voting today I hope all goes well for you.

My hat is supposed to be Nessy by the way and I don't know who the strange fella is ........

PiC x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Have you checked under the bushes?

Our youngest Tom is also the "Chief Chicken Keeper" he loves the chooks and it's his job to check them everyday, feed and water them and collect the eggs. Oliver goes in with the foster cats and Cameron hoovers upstairs. These are the jobs they decided they would help with.

Tom: Two eggs today
Me: Are you sure? the new ones should be laying by now
Tom: Yes, there are only two eggs today.
Me: Will you check under all the hedges to make sure they're not laying eggs under them please.
Tom: Checked the hedges, no eggs.

Tom: Two eggs today
Me: Really, have you checked round the garden? I can't bend down so can you look please.
Tom: Yep, only two eggs today.
Me: Two eggs but five chooks, this is not right.

Tom: Two eggs today.
Me: No there isn't there's 37 eggs as they have been laying under the bush you just haven't looked properly have you?


PiC x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Chooksville update and Man Vs Chicken

Here we are with the next stage of Chooksville. The boys are hard at work. Tom did come along a bit later and helped but I'd put the camera away.

The fencing was a discontinued range from B&Q

The whole lot (and we have loads left) came to under £40

Hopefully I will have some garden that doesn't have grass looking like this anymore........

 or decking where they sit and poo on everything!!

Coming along nicely.

Close up. When it's cleared they will have plenty of room and behind the mirror is more room.

Looks beautiful doesn't it? well it does until they poo all over it anyway lol

Now we just have to find out where the three newbies are getting over, we went through this with Boris and Nugget when we first fenced part of the garden off and we had Man Vs Chicken for weeks!!

So this afternoon will be spent spying on the chooks to see where they are coming over, how are you spending your day? is it as exciting as our Man V Chooks day?

Hopefully next year I can sit on the decking without standing in Chook poo but I doubt it not with....

Bumblebee on the case!!

PiC x