Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween but now the kids are older they do their own thing. The Village is putting on a spooky walk so we're going to have a look round that.

My Granddaughter has had her hair crimped to go with her witches outfit and DD and I think the crimpers must be over 25 years old now, how's that for long lasting? I think they were given to me as well, bargain eh?

Have a great evening

PiC x

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gruesome pictures of cyst removal BE WARNED! and a rant about dog owners

DH has had cysts for many years and has had several removed numerous times. One in particular, under the arm pit, keeps growing back and this time when it was removed the Dr said it was the biggest he had ever seen. There was also one removed from his chest and there are two others he will have to go to hospital to have removed.

Today is a week since the procedure and as the dressings were getting changed I thought I would take a few pics. Does that make me strange? I thought it may be of use to someone having to have the same procedure and save them the worry if this amount of bruising is normal.

The previous occasions DH had very little bruising but because these had grown back so large there is quite a lot as you can see.

At least he won't need a Halloween costume eh?

Because he has to be very careful of his stitches he has not been coming on any of the dog walking outings and if he has he has only been allowed to hold Womble not the other bigger dogs.

For some reason while I've been walking the dogs on my own the small handbag dogs near me have decided to keep attacking my dogs while they're on their leads. Last week Lego was bitten up his back legs by a Poodle and this week a terrier cross attacked Strudel while she was on her lead. Strudel retaliated with a growl and the terrier squealed quite loudly so she will be on the estates hit list as the most hated dog yet again!

I do wish the owners of  these particular bunch of handbag dogs would stop chatting so much and pay attention to what their dog is doing (especially in the poo picking up department). I would not let my dogs off attacking their little darlings so all's I ask is they keep their dogs under control and don't let them attack mine.

Strudel can be a stroppy, vocal dog but only if they come near her and she is only like this as so many dogs have taken pot luck at her while the owners stand back doing nothing and I have had her on the lead.

 On my visit to the dog poo bin on Sunday we were greeted with a Spaniel barking and growling at us (my dog on the lead the Spaniel off) the owner was stood there doing nothing about it and I had to tell her to get her dog on the lead. Her reply was "She's ok she only growls and barks she doesn't bite" Maybe she doesn't sweetie but how long will it be before your dog does?

Some people haven't got a flaming clue have they?

Rant over

Have a smashing day my lovelies 

PiC x

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wombles new Jumper

Well Womble why are you sulking?

Don't you like your new jumper?

Are you ignoring me?

It's like Christmas come early isn't it?

As you know Womble gets skin problems if he eats the wrong food and as we have four dogs he sometimes snaffles the others food which in turn makes him itch.

The only way to stop him itching is a new jumper!

PiC x

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Out of puff

Busy day again today. I managed a Zumba class this morning, I may look like I'm being tazered but I don't care........unless I'm filmed and find myself on You tube then I really would care!

After Zumba a went home to get some better pictures of some of the things I put up for sale on Ebay. When I listed some bits on Sunday night it was late and even with the flash on my camera I wasn't happy with how the pictures came out so I retook them and added them to my listings. In the past I have thought sod it and the items have gone for a pittance and I've kicked myself so now I always retake them if I'm not happy. 

This paid off as within 20 minutes of changing the pictures I sold something for £25 whoop whoop!

Next on the agenda was yet another trip to see the Nurse, this time it was to have my breathing test done as they were unsure if being out of breath was due to my B12 deficiency (as your cells have to carry oxygen round your body) or damage to my lungs.

Apparently I have the lungs of a 46 year old so not far off and no further testing required, it must just be all the crap the builders are disturbing in the old Mental Hospital across the road. 

We will soon be heading off to the vets to take Charlie the new foster as he has a terrible manky ear infection so after a week on antibiotics the vet needs to see if there's any damage to the ear.

Fingers crossed for Charlie Manky Cat.

PiC x